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When Their Memories Became MineWhen Their Memories Became Mine: Moving Beyond My Parents' Past  Exploring the impact of trauma and the transmission of trauma from generation to generation. A poignant and humorous coming-of-age memoir by Toronto psychotherapist, Pearl Goodman. Available Now

"With a keen attention to detail, Pearl Goodman deftly weaves her parents' tragic stories and their aftermath, Canadian realities, and her own, to reveal how legacies of traumatic experiences are lived out from generation to generation. A compelling and insightful read."

Dr. Yael Danieli, Clinical psychologist and Director, Group Project for Holocaust Survivors and their Children. New York, NY

When Autism Comes to Roost: A Family's Journey From Denial to Acceptance By Alicia Hendley PhD. 

"Alicia Hendley has written a highly personal memoir of her struggle to come to terms

 with her son’s diagnosis as well as her own. Raw, honest, and poignant, the book stays with you long after you’ve finished reading.”

- Ann Douglas, author, Parenting Through the Storm 


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Now Available - A special E-Book Report The Emergence of the Recovery Movement: Are medications taking a back seat in the road to recovery

 Shot in the Head A Sister's Memoir, A Brother's Struggle by Katherine Flannery Dering

Indie Book of the Day Winner

A real life Wally Lamb - Goodreads

"enlightening and educational work!" New York Journal of Books

A bittersweet memoir about life and loss. When her mentally ill brother developed lung cancer, author Katherine Flannery Dering had to overcome her reluctance to deal with the troubled man and step up to help in his care. While maneuvering through the maze of our mental health system, she (and her eight siblings) got to know social workers and the employees of nursing homes on a first name basis, saw friends and family less often, missed work, and ate fewer meals at home and more fast food.  Along the way, she changed in unforeseen ways, and her perception of her ill brother, Paul, changed as well.

"Dering unspools her story with urgent compassion and grace." Elizabeth Eslami, author of Bone Worship and Hibernate and the 2013 winner of the Ohio State University Prize in Short Fiction

"So powerful and emotional" - Ann Cloonan, Director, Bedford Free Library, Bedford, NY

Unfaithful Mind - When late-onset schizophrenia impacts a family 

“What had happened to our beautiful happy life? Could it really be over for us? I just wasn’t sure if our love was strong enough to keep us together. I probably believed it wasn’t.”

John and Marion struggled to hold their family together and to deal with an illness that usually strikes much earlier in life.This is their story of what happens to a family when the mind betrays.


  Love's All That Makes Sense: A Mother Daughter Memoir 

  growing up with a mother Love's All That Makes Sensewith schizophrenia "This book will provide validation and   inspiration for families who face similar struggles, as well as provide mental health care providers with perspectives that can inform care."Dr Sarah Y Vinson. 

"This an amazingly riveting book and a must read on so many different levels" Amazon Review

5 stars on Amazon

When Quietness Came: A Neuroscientist's Personal Journey With Schizophrenia

When Quietness Came: A Neuroscientist's Personal Journey With Schizophrenia

by Erin L. Hawkes MSc with an introduction by Dr. Richard O'Reilly, professor of psychiatry, University of Western Ontario.

The true story of a young woman studying neuroscience who, in her final undergraduate year, has a psychotic break, attempts suicide and ends up in hospital. Her struggles to get well and to pursue her PhD are described in this book. Her story is geared to  people from a variety of backgrounds. For full details, visit the book page

What A Life Can Be: One Therapist's Take On Schizo-Affective Disorder

What A Life Can Be: One Therapist's Take on Schizo-affective Disorder

By Carolyn Dobbins PhD (A Must have book on Schizophrenia Healthy Place)

"powerful and revealing, and provides a unique insight into chronic mental disease" Dr. Thomas G Burish, a professor of psychology and Provost of Notre Dame.

The story of Dr Carolyn Dobbins struggles with schizo-affective disorder who, after a 25 year career as a successful therapist, admits that she suffers with this disease. The book chronicles her descent into madness, homeless and jail and her struggles to obtain a PhD from Vanderbilt in clinical psychology. 

"It will challenge your thinking about mental illness, about hope, about faith, about who you are." George E Doebler  M Div.  Special Advisor, Dept. of Pastoral Care, U of Tennessee Medical Center:, Executive Director, emeritus: Association of Mental Health Clergy  (now Association of Professional Chaplains). For more information visit the book page.

The Adolescent Owners Manual by Dr David Laing Dawson

 Recommended by Library Journal.  Your goal as a parent,  Dawson says, should be to get your The Adolescent Owner's Manualadolescent child into adulthood, alive, healthy, preferably educated and skilled, without a major drug problem or criminal record or pregnancy. Anything more is icing and a pleasure to behold.

And, this book is your support and encouragement to do the right thing to achieve the above goal.

For details, visit


My Schizophrenic Life: The Road To Recovery From Mental Illness By Sandra Yuen MacKay

(A Must have book on Schizophrenia Healthy Place)My Schizophrenic Life: The Road To Recovery From Mental Illness

Winner of the Courage To Come Back Award - Mental Health BC for 2012

LIBRARY JOURNAL: "remarkably compelling.....will hold readers captive.....provides a surprisingly gripping narrative"

June 2011 issue of the Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy - "I recommend this book to students, novice therapists, clients and care givers as it not only helps us understand.....but also because it is inspirational and fosters some hope for recovery", Paulette Guitard. Recommended by NAMI and The Mood Disorders Society of Canada. For full details, Visit

After Her Brain Broke: Helping My Daughter Recovery Her Sanity By Susan Inman

After Her Brain Broke: Helping My Daughter Recover Her Sanity

(A Must have book on Schizophrenia Healthy Place)

Susan Inman's memoir describes her family's nine year journey to help her younger daughter recover from a catastrophic schizoaffective disorder.  " of the best accounts I have read of serious mental illness as told by a mother." and "Highly  recommended" E. Fuller Torrey, MD author of Surviving Schizophrenia.

Recommended by NAMI in the US, EUFAMI in Europe and The Mood Disorders Society of Canada. With an introduction by former Senator Michael Kirby, Chair Emeritus, Mental Health Commission of Canada. For details visit


Schizophrenia Medicine's Mystery Society's Shame By Marvin Ross

Schziophrenia Medicine's Mystery Society's Shame "a powerful resource for anyone looking for answers and insight into the world of mental illness."  Schizophrenia Digest Magazine, Fall 2008.

Recommended by the World Fellowship For Schizophrenia and Allied Disorders

"a helpful and empowering guide" Abilities Magazine - Issue 77, Winter 2008/09

For full details visit 


Assisted Living and Modern Times: Almost A Musical -

2 One Act Plays By David Laing Dawson - Now Available Modern Times, Almost a Musical   70 minute one act play Lost souls, smart phones, unattended packages. Saints, sinners, and an angel on call. Assisted Living Anne, an aging thespian and English teacher, now in her mid eighties and recently widowed, is determined to maintain her independence and stay in the house she shared with Poppy. Her daughter Katherine arrives with groceries and a determination to help, organize, be sensible, and plan for the future,

Two New Mysteries From the Pen of David Laing Dawson Plus two plays

Don't Look Down Slide in all Direction Don't Look Down Four men, age 18 to 81, have murdered, and now share a room in the secure forensic psychiatry ward."it feels authentic from beginning to end. It's  not a comfortable book to read, but it is thought-provoking. From Blog Critics

Slide in All Direction crime, addictions, love and redemption, played out in the shadows of a post-industrial steel town. Known as a Canadian Elmore Leonard, Dawson is perhaps a little kinder and gentler but no less real


Two Paperback Reprints of Earlier Dawson Works

The Intern EssondaleThe Intern - During the tumultuous sixties, Dr. Robert Snow interns in a big city hospital. Dawson lets his readers feel the triumphs and tragedies, the exhausting, overwhelming experiences of hospital life and death.

Essondale - A Psychological thriller - Is this hell, or just a psychiatric hospital? Dr. Robert Snow isn't sure. Waking from a drunken stupor in a small green room, the doctor finds he's on the other side of the diagnosis - in a place where life and mental health seem to be going pretty cheap these days.

For details on all four books and an interview with the author, visit