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                                             Prose to Go: Tales From a Private List


Edited by Irene Davis, Fred Desjardins, Barbara Florio Graham

      Hear Barbara Florio Graham discuss the making of the book on CHUO-FM Feb 1, 2012

"humanity and humaneness resonates throughout" New York Journal of Books

Peek into the private lives of 18 professional writers from the NWT to PEI

Drive through the North West Territories with Helena Katz as she drives a herd of  alpacas to their new home in her backyard

Join Trudy Kelly Forsythe at the Rolling Stones Big Bang Tour and Barbara Florio Graham in her encounter with actor Peter Falk (aka Columbo)

Watch award-winning humorist Steve Pitt deal with cherry-stealing kids and award winning cookbook author Julie Watson wrestle with a lobster on TV

Climb inside a Santa Suit with broadcaster/humorist Gordon Gibb, and see a Christmas tree from Helen Lammers-Helps' vantage point 

Experience birth from an infant's point of view in a mesmerizing piece by Elle Andra-Warner

Share household hilarity with Lanny Boutin and Joanne Carnegie while Debbie Gamble deals with body issues and Lorri Benedik with unwanted compliments

Cry with Barbara Bruce Desmeules Massobrio as she describes My Life Now and with Hilda Young as she comes to terms with her son's suicide

Discover Canadian trivia book author Mark Kearney's secret to winning prizes at fall fairs, while Irene Davis deals with a vanished voice and Fred Desjardins with growing older.

Listen to an interview with editor Barbara Florio-Graham with Rabbi Bulka on CFRA radio in Ottawa

Read about the book in the Canadian Jewish News (posted with permission) 

See a Poster about the book 

ISBN 978-0-9866522-1-9, 168 pages, $17.95 distributed by Ingram and

available from Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, and Chapters/Indigo, Also available in Kindle 

Invite one of the editors to your book club group at Readers Circle

Comments from Readers

From GoodReads.com

May 27, 2011     Deb rated it 5 of 5 stars

         I was having a bad day. I needed an escape. The fictitious novel I picked up could not 'take me away' from the realities that were getting me down.

         I put it down and picked up Prose To Go. I read from start to finish in one sitting. That is simply an immediate 5 STARS to me.

         Eighteen professional writers who are longtime friends, connected because of their passion about writing.

         But this is not about "writing". This is a collection of their own personal "snippets in time" that they share with the reader with stories ranging from laugh out loud funny, (Joanne Carnegie's Just Desserts), heartwarming, (Gordon Gibbs', Inside the Santa Suit)  uplifting, (Elle Andra-Warners' Now Should Come The Laughter), to poignant, (Fred DesJardins' Funny Man Blues).....

          Delightful!....And I found out something about professional writers....they are just like you and me.

                   Deb Morehouse, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Listen in as writers share confidences with other  writers. you'll laugh, you'll cry. You'll love it and wish for more.     Kathleen Hamilton, Montreal, Quebec

I love the idea of this book—essays from a group of authors who embody the spirit of diversity. The stories are as different as the people who wrote them. What they share is talent, love of writing, and Canada. Everything about Prose to Go: Tales From a Private List speaks of professionalism. The more I read, the more I wanted belong to Bobbi Graham's select group of friends. Maybe next time she puts together a project like this, she will reach across the border and include me. I would be honored.
                    Bobbi Linkemer, St. Louis, Missouri

...the kind of book you take to appointments, on trips or on vacation... small doses of real life...little spaces in one's life worth remembering. 
                    Sherry F. Russo, Albany, Georgia

I enjoyed Elle Andra-Warner’s memoir of her daughter’s birth, as seen through the newborn’s eyes. A reminiscence of the young Peter Falk by Barbara Florio-Graham is equally charming.
                    Hubert O'Hearn, By the Book Reviews

I keep reading and reading, laughing, crying and nodding in agreement. 
                                Lisa MacColl, Kitchener, Ontario
and Lisa's review on Amazon.ca:
       Warning: Do not start reading "Prose to Go: Tales from a Private List" unless you have time to read it cover to cover. The stories are compelling, wonderfully crafted, and like decadent chocolate, leave you reaching for another piece.
       The honesty in these stories is endearing and charming. The writers know their craft, and draw the reader into their lives with courage, humour and word pictures that are vibrant and lovingly crafted.
        Read this book, and then buy it for everyone you know.      (5 stars)

So far I have read most of the stories and I'm impressed. These private stories have depth of reflection, turns of phrase and emotional honesty that either made me think, get teary or laugh out loud. Prose to Go is great as a collection because you don't have to read it in order, you can sample a la carte. Great work!   (5 stars)
                              Jane Langille, on Amazon.ca
Also 5 stars on Chapters/Indigo

On Chapters/Indigo:  5 stars from Karen MacDonald
Captivating Stories
       For me, the experience of reading ' Prose to Go' was similar to being at a dinner party. Throughout the evening something said by someone will evoke a memory from another...and so the stories begin. It felt like meeting someone new at that party and getting a glimse of who they were from their story. I thoroughly enjoyed the book; however, I now think of my breasts as pita breads with nipples.