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Incorporated in 1996 in the Canadian province of Ontario, the company was originally designed to provide writing and training services. Its principal, Marvin Ross, had been writing books, newspaper, magazine articles and teaching business communications since the late 1970's.  His first book was "Economics, Opportunity and Crime" but he quickly switched to humour with "Cover Your Ass or How To Survive in A Government Bureaucracy" using the pseudonym Bureaucrat X. David Shaw illustrated what became a very popular book in Canada.

He and Shaw went on to do "Daddy Dearest: A Guide for First Time Fathers"; "Sorry Daddy: A First time Father's Guide" and "Reigning Cats and Dogs: A Lighthearted Look at Pets and Their Owners".

Ross then switched to more serious topics with books on Alzheimer's, eyes and other medical and health writing for a variety of papers and eventually websites. He has covered many medical conferences to report on new advances in cardiology, cancer, digestive diseases, respiration and neurology and psychiatry. His specialized services have been used to develop continuing medical education programs for physicians and to write summarizes of medical meetings.

In 2008, he decided to publish his own book on Schizophrenia which had the subtitle Medicine's Mystery - Society's Shame. That book has received considerable praise in both North America and Europe and Ross found himself quickly learning about the publishing industry. This led him to start publishing other works by novelist psychiatrist David Laing Dawson, humour in "The Dysfunctional Father's Guide", "My Life and Other Lies" by Steve Pitt and to revise and expand his earlier work on pets.

A native Torontonian, Ross is now located in the historic town of Dundas, Ontario just west of Hamilton, Ontario (and now amalgamated with that city) located half way between Toronto and the US border. He is a short distance from McMaster University with its world class medical school and the alma mater to such well known comics as Eugene Levy, Martin Short and Ivan Reitman.

He also managed to write and co-write two books on Hamilton. "Hamilton: A New City for a New Millennium" and "The Hamilton Book of Everything" with Kim Arnott and Cheryl McDonald.

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